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Saint Peters and Mother Teresa Children's Educational And Walfare Organization
  education to all  

About Our Organization

What We Are

St. peters & Mother teresa children's educational and welfare organization is a registered NGO (Govt. of india) under act 1961, the rgistration number is 2885.

We are the partner and work with many other registered societies ,NGOs, government schools, orphanages, educational blocks at village level, talluk at district level to implement our programs.

What We Do

We work in favour of people for their multi-diamentional growth and development by implementing different schemes and programms like Jan Kalyan Yogna and Nishulk Shikshan Karyakaram for them.

We constantly work to provide quality education to under privileged children of india.

We want see our country as a developed and a prosperous one and it will anly be achieved by providing quality education to all.

Our programs serves to improve the education by undertaking various activities such as funding and hiring of qualified teachers and establishing the learning centres, computer centre etc. We also provide career guideance and soft skill training and conduct seminars and science events on regular basis.

Organization is serving the society and for the proper working for humane welfare, therefore every person or individual (all members of the organization) works free of cost as an independent and individual so no have to right to any kind of salary. We only get only Rs. 2000/- per month as allowance

We provide flex of beginning program books, copies, pens, chalks, black boards, dusters and attendance registers etc for free of cost for those students who are studying under Nishulk Shikshan Karyakram running by our organization.

We provide (4000/- per month) diamentional for children's account of every Grah Shikshak.

st. peters and mother teresa childern educational and welfare organization